Why do Dad gifts usually, well almost always, kind of stink?

1. We started WonderDads Gifts because we felt there had to be better gifts to give family, the ones we love the most. 

2. With all due respect to Amazon, Target and Visa Gift Cards, it’s just hard to have a gift be meaningful if it’s from them. It’s convenient, that’s for sure, but what if giving gifts to family members could be convenient and meaningful and not thrown in the trash the following year….

3. That’s where we come in. As the founders of WonderDads, the largest Dad subscription in the world, we have a decade of research with over 100,000 amazing Dads.

4. We’ve used all that knowledge and testing to develop exclusive products, services and artwork that have meaning far beyond the gift itself. 

5. So the next time you are thinking about what to give your spouse for the 20th time, or Grandma asks you what to give the kids and you’re at a loss, think of WonderDads Gifts. We’ve got meaningful gifts for the ones you love the most.