Daddy Day Planning Service

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Get on the phone with a WonderDads Guide and we’ll help you set up an incredibly fun new monthly tradition…something we call Daddy Day.

It’s a once-a-month Dad-Kids experience that is out-of-the-ordinary and incredibly fun and different. We’ll even give you ideas for each of the next 12 months so you have them teed up and ready to do. Trust us, this dedicated Dad-Kids time will be your absolute favorite new monthly tradition with your kids.

Upon ordering, we’ll email you a link to book your call with a WonderDads Guide, as well as a Before-They-Grow-Up List Poster & Daddy Day Planner you can immediately download and print to share if you so choose (or make it a surprise!). Either way, get ready for doing something incredibly fun and out-of-the-ordinary every month with your kids…it’s going to be so much fun for everyone!

Plan a Monthly Daddy Day with a WonderDads Guide for only $95...guaranteed to make it your best year ever as a Dad!