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HereForMyParents is a first-of-its-kind newsletter subscription that helps you shine as your parents get older. And once our parents hit their 70s and 80s, certain things “just happen” and they need a bit of help. This is why HereForMyParents is so helpful…

To provide fresh ideas every month that are so simple, yet so meaningful to them, that you can easily use to help them, regardless if you live next door or thousands of miles away.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you purchase a HereForMyParents subscription:

  • You’ll start getting the HereForMyParents monthly newsletter delivered to you via email, featuring incredibly easy and effective ways to help your parents as they get older.
  • From ways to use technology to make their life easier and better, to everyday living conveniences, you’ll get a fresh batch of ideas every month that will make you a hero when you share them, and give you some fun new things to talk about!
  • Each monthly issue even includes directions you can read to them over the phone, email to them, or show them next time you see them.
  • Whether your parents are in their 60s or 80s, really healthy or not so much, it doesn’t matter, a HereForMyParents subscription is such an easy and effective way to be there for them.

They raised us all those years ago, it’s our turn to shine for them, way ahead of when we “have to.” Sign up today for HereForMyParents, you’ll look back someday and be so glad you did.

Praise for HereForMyParents:

“HereForMyParents is hands-down the most effective way to be there for your parents! You will sleep better at night, your parents know you care, and they are still part of your life.” Ellie Dobram

“Such great insights! I helped my parents easily set up a digital home assistant with your easy to follow instructions!” Ashley Yates

“Living hours away from my parents, this is such an easy way to stay in-touch and still be helpful to them.” Julie Chance

How it Works:

Step 1: Purchase an Annual or Lifetime Subscription.

Step 2: We’ll email you simple and meaningful ideas every month, as well as other ways to be helpful.

Step 3: There’s no step 3. Sit back and wait, we’ve got you covered as they get older.

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