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Let’s face it, it’s really hard to find gifts for our parents as they get older. But then again, they did it for us for all those childhood years, so we really should be able to come up with something. But it’s hard! So we came up a solution, that really is a win-win that makes everyone feel so, so good.

Part 1: A book, Tell Me Your Life Story, that they can fill in sharing their life story, best memories and fun facts about your family. It will make them feel so good that you want to know the answers. We can mail it directly to them, or you can mail it (or hand deliver it). We’ll even wrap it for you!

Part 2: A subscription to HereForMyParents. The real gift. And they’ll never know anything about it (unless you decide to tell them). You’ll start getting the HereForMyParents monthly newsletter delivered to you via email, featuring incredibly easy and effective ways to help your parents as they get older. Each monthly issue even includes directions you can read to them over the phone, email to them, or show them next time you see them. From ways to use technology to make their life easier and better, to everyday living conveniences, you’ll get a fresh batch of ideas every month that will make you a hero when you share them, and give you some fun new things to talk about! Whether your parents are in their 60s or 80s it really doesn’t matter, a HereForMyParents subscription is such an easy and effective way to still be that amazing son they raised!

Make this the year you give them something that is more than “just a gift.” You’ll look back someday and be so glad you did (and so will they!).

See Why Dads LOVE Giving This to Their Parents!

“HereForMyParents is hands-down the most effective way to be there for your parents! You will sleep better at night, your parents know you care, and they are still part of your life.” Jason Dobram

“Such great insights! I helped my parents easily set up a digital home assistant with your easy to follow instructions!” Bradley Yates

“Living hours away from my parents, this is such an easy way to stay in-touch and still be helpful to them.” Gilbert Chance

How it Works:

Step 1: Add to cart an Annual or Lifetime Subscription.

Step 2: We’ll mail you the pre-wrapped Tell Me Your Life Story book, or we can mail it directly to your parents. Just put the address you want it shipped to in the shipping field on checkout.

Step 3: You’ll immediately start getting monthly issues of HereForMyParents. Way to go on giving a meaningful gift this year!



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