Milestone Surprise + Parentfile Subscription for My Grandchildren

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Let’s face it, kids like to unwrap a gift - whether they are 2 years old or a teenager. We get it. But so often what they love for that moment or hour ends up in a drawer a week later…forever. So we think we’ve got the solution.

Part 1: A wrapped up gift, a framed picture of something we call a Milestone Surprise. And it’s so fun (for everyone) to look forward to. It’s basically something you plan to “give them” at a specific life stage - Age 8, Age 12, Graduation from High School - whatever you like. It can be a trip, a pre-recorded video message, 1 share of stock, a family heirloom - whatever you like, but trust us, it’s so fun to look forward to. They can even hang it on their wall since it’s framed!

Part 2: A Parentfile. The real gift. They just don’t understand it yet. It’s an online account where you are going to save all these incredible things for them to have someday.

Here are some examples of what you can save for them in their Parentfile:

Best Family Memories - Best pictures, stories, and so much more, through every stage of your family’s life, all saved in one spot.

Family Treasures Preserved - Your family ancestry, special recipes and holiday traditions, mementos and family heirlooms, all explained with backstory and why they are important.

Your Life Story - Your life highlights so far, your favorite books, life lessons you value the most, and anything else you want your grandchildren and future generations to know and remember. Trust us, nothing could be more valuable for them to have someday.

Make this the year you give them something that is more than “just a gift,” or send them an “out of the blue gift” just because you were thinking of them. You’ll look back someday and be so glad you did (and so will they!).


See Why Grandparents LOVE Giving This to Their Grandchildren!

“You may not have millions to give…That’s okay, a Parentfile is priceless.” Bill O’Brien

“Best. Gift. Ever.” - Julie Brannon

“Finally, something with a little thought behind it!” - Ashley Fields

How it Works:

Step 1: Purchase an Annual or Lifetime Subscription.

Step 2: We’ll mail you the framed Milestone Surprise for you to fill in, as well as a Certificate showing that you started a Parentfile for them. You can then mail it to them or give it to them in person the next time you see them.

Step 3: You can activate the Parentfile at any time with the simple online link we’ll email you upon purchase! Way to go on giving a meaningful gift they’ll treasure for years to come!

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