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Parentfile is an online account where you save everything important as a Dad, through every life stage, all in one place. It’s especially useful for families with school-age children, and helps so much during the chaos and magic of the childhood years.

It’s also really helpful for another reason. You and your spouse can immediately share access to your Parentfile after you sign up. So instead of being asked for the 10th time your child’s blood type or where is the birth certificate, you simply say “It’s in our Parentfile…honey.” 

Here are some examples of what parents are saving in their Parentfile:

Where is it? - Their birth certificate, social security card, and other important stuff. You now always have a record of it saved in your Parentfile. And if you ever lost it, tragedy now averted.

School Stuff Saved - Images of report cards, art projects, and school stuff, neatly saved in your Parentfile instead of collecting dust in the drawer or garage.

Medical Notes Remembered - Notes from doctors visits, illnesses and broken bones. That broken wrist when he was 3, you’ve got the notes saved when he’s 14 and it’s hurting again and he asks you about it. 

Family Treasures Preserved - That lasagna recipe she loved during childhood, your family ancestry and traditions, preserved all in one place.

Childhood Memories - See how saving one single memory a month, a story, a milestone, or your single best picture, can create a visual timeline of the childhood years you’ll treasure forever.

Emergency Ready - Be prepared, way ahead of time. Something’s going to happen at some point, an ER visit, a call home from school, or the inevitable broken bone…but because you have everything ready in your Parentfile, you are prepared.

Being a parent is so hard, but it’s the most important “job” we’ll ever have. We’re expected to do so much, remember so much, and always be there for our children on a moment’s notice. This is why we started Parentfile…

To make the childhood years a little easier, more organized, sidestep a few headaches, and capture the priceless moments and treasures along the way. And to have one spot to save everything that truly matters before things get lost or forgotten in our hectic lives.

Start your Parentfile today, you’ll look back someday and be so glad you did…and so will the rest of your family.

See Why Thousands of Dads Have Started a Parentfile!

“I sleep better at night knowing I have a Parentfile.” - Jim Elton

“A great and well needed product to save items digitally that are often lost in the chaos of life…” - Nitesh Patel

"To say our family is more in-sync would be the understatement of the year. Thank you Parentfile!" - Leslie Abraham

How it Works:
Step 1: Purchase an Annual or Lifetime Subscription.
Step 2: We’ll email you a link to set up your Parentfile - it’s so easy (and actually fun).
Step 3: There’s no step 3. We’ll send you suggestions and reminders on everything you might want to add throughout the years. Way to go on starting your Parentfile!

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